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HotkeyManager (One click to launch apps, phone calls and system utilities)


>> Item Number: 710001
>> Price: USD 2.99

>> File Information:
Last Updated on 03/20/2010
Version 1.8 (New!)
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Product Description
HotkeyManager is a must-have keyboard shortcut manager for BlackBerry owners. With HotkeyManager, you can easily create and manage shortcuts to applications, phone calls and system utilities for your BlackBerry. Boosting up your mobile experience is just one click away!
>> Assign single-letter shortcuts to your favorite tasks/applications, 52 shortcuts available!
>> One click to launch BlackBerry applications such as Alarm, Browser, Calendar, Contacts, Face book, Google Maps, MemoryUp, NetworkAcc, Search and Texas Hold’Em King 2, etc.
>> One click to launch phone calls by simply adding contacts from your BlackBerry contacts to the shortcut list (Speed Dialer)
>> One click to launch BlackBerry system utilities such as Open/Close WiFi, Open/Close Signal, Camera, Email/SMS/MMS/PIN, Lock and Shutdown BlackBerry, etc.
>> Activated from anywhere with a single click of 'P'
>> No more worries about losing your shortcuts when upgrading/changing BlackBerry or its software.
>> Fully optimized for QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keypad
Update History
>> Version 1.8 (Mar. 30, 2010) 
>> Version 1.7 (Mar. 04, 2010) 
>> Version 1.6 (Feb. 11, 2010) 
>> Version 1.5 (Jan. 14, 2010) 
>> Version 1.3 (Dec. 18, 2009) 
>> Version 1.0 (Nov. 05, 2009)
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