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The followings are Customer Testimonials for our products.
David Crisky (MemoryUp Pro)
Many thanks to eMobiStudio. It helps me to turn my lazy BB 8830 to a working bee. :0 One thing I should agree is that I really do too much work with my BB, and I believe too much burden is the main reason that it runs slow and unstable. With MemoryUp's tune up, it works much more fluent and stable now! Highly recommend!
George Mahon (MemoryUp Pro)
I have been using MemoryUp for a while and I really like this small but useful software. Today I emailed eMobi Support for purchasing options. I was replied in 20 minutes with a detailed description of purchasing procedures and options for my Blackberry. A minute ago I made my purchase. Feeling good!
Robert Henman (MemoryUp Pro)
I have been using this small software for a month. There are some features I'd like to share: 1). It really boosts my nokia E62 up. The speed of other J2me applications is accelerated by as much as 30%. 2). The effect of a quick boost usually last for about 15-20 minutes. So I recommend setting a 30-minute auto-boost, so it will continuously release unused memory. 3). MemoryUp does take some memory to run. But I think it is well worthy. With only a little memory to spend, you can experience a much improved performance with your smart phone. Why not?
Karen Neill (MemoryUp Pro)
I just purchased this product and had a little trouble registering it (not to worry, doesn't seem like anyone else had any trouble). I immediately contacted the support group and they responded promptly (on a Sunday). They solved my issue and I was able to register just fine within the next 5 mins. As for memory boost, it’s already boosted my memory up by 1MB. Thank you for your excellent customer service!
Azael Sepulveda (NetworkAcc)
A good software. Can make my BlackBerry work very fast. Different gear makes different working speed. But in a word, it's worthy to have a try of NetworkAcc. Their customer service is good too. Very considerate and patient!
Robert Strickland (NetworkAcc)
NetworkAcc is a good accelerator. It does accelerate my BlackBerry, tried to switch the gear to 2, I began to see some change of my BalckBerry, the online speeding turned out to be faster than before, then I tried to switch to 4, and 5, it was just incredibly fast. Though it might take up some of memory, I think it worth it.
Claudia J Grooms (NetworkAcc)
I downloaded the trial and was so impressed that I bought the app within a couple of hours of giving the trial a whirl. I was VERY impressed at the improved speed of browsing the internet, and noticed a distinctive improvement in the general speed of my phone. Definitely recommend this app! :-)
Rafael Artiles (BatteryPlus)
This app is AWESOME! The daily/monthly chart helps me find the apps which consumes most of my BB's battery. And its battery boosting functions are very handy and useful too. Thanks a lot for the great work!
Peter Trayhurn (BatteryPlus)
I finally find this wonderful battery application for my BlackBerry Storm. This BatteryPlus app works great, it reminds me the remaining talk time and standby time for my BB. Very useful!
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