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Please check up the latest version of HotkeyManager:
HotkeyManager (BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcut Manager)
Version Number: 1.8
Released Date:

New Features: 
1. New function added: Screen Capture
2. New language support for Spanish and Chinese
3. New options added: Check for Update, Tell a friend, and Set Application Permissions, etc.
4. Optimization on user interface
Upgrade Info: 
Click here to launch an OTA Upgrade to the latest version of HotkeyManager directly from your BlackBerry (more details)
Upgrade Tips:
According to my company's policy, each customer will be eligible to one year's free upgrade after your purchase. Please send your BlackBerry's PIN number to us after upgrade, our tech team will send the new registration key to you immediately.
If your yearly subscription is overdue, please renew your license.
0-Home | Update Info (HotkeyManager)